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Thank you for your interest in Marshall University’s crowdfunding platform. Prior to submitting this application, please review our crowdfunding policies and guidelines HERE, then complete the form to submit your idea or project. Crowdfunding applications are reviewed by Marshall Foundation staff. We will be in touch with questions and feedback on your project application. If you have any questions, contact Griffin Talbott at

Questions before beginning the project:

Does the project have a clear, compelling story that project team members and influencers can share?

Will the project team members and influencers regularly reach out to their networks for the duration of the campaign?

How much do you want to raise? Is that amount achievable? If not, consider setting a different goal.

Does this project benefit members of the Marshall University community?

Faculty/staff member, has the project been approved by the department head or Dean?

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Please note that you must provide the information for all the fields for this request to be considered. This application will allow us to evaluate your project’s suitability for a fundraising campaign. Thank you!

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